ENGELSKA - 4282 Svenska byggprocessen för utländska entreprenörer

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The Swedish construction process for foreign entrepreneurs

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Translated version from ​Svenska byggprocessen för utländska entreprenörer

The Swedish construction process for foreign entrepreneurs
This course will help you understand the Swedish construction process in order to avoid costly misunderstandings and, in worst case workplace accident that we know increases today. The course is based on the construction start meeting, how you can plan and organize and how to work towards a safe and sustainable work environment. We mix theory with practical exercises and examples of defective construction where things went wrong and how it could have been prevented with better knowledge and communication. 

Course is held in English

Course goal
Increased understanding for the contracts and standards in the Swedish construction process.

Target group for the course
Swedish and foreign building contractors, developer, supervisor, site manager, project manager and for you who wants to understand the Swedish construction process better.

The Swedish construction process – during the construction phase

  • Construction documents
  • The impact of building regulations on the production stage
  • Procedures for communicating in building meetings 
  • The organizational structure
  • Contract, schedule and costs (AB04 and ABT06)
  • Technical descriptions and drawings
  • Alterations and additional work (so-called ÄTA jobs)
  • Government involvement and influence
  • Important contractual issue

Safe and sustainable work environment

  • Safety and health matters in Sweden 
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Better mental and social work environment with good communication
  • Work safely – ensure how you give and receive instructions
  • Workplace standards that facilitate work / communication

Common misunderstandings in the construction process

  • What do you need to be aware of?
  • Typical misunderstandings when things go wrong
  • Cultural differences in the construction industry
  • How you can make sure that everyone understands the directions
  • Secure your vocabulary and technical terms in English

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